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tandem—takeout menu design

The Brief

To design a takeout menu for an existing restaurant of choice


  • Trifold of a US letter-sized paper
  • Should consist of the details about the restaurant like address, phone etc
  • Takeout menu — concise, small, easy to read


  • Maintaining the one of an existing brand
  • Maintaining visual hierarchy to keep the reader interested and engaged

I choose a local restaurant called Tandem which I frequent and love. Tandem is located 15 minutes away from my college in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

Brand Research

Tandem is a crêpe and coffeehouse which projects a very homey and community feel. The tagline and the hashtag they use is #TogetherIsBest which tells us a lot about their brand ideology. People from around Greenville and Travelers Rest, South Carolina are the people who visit this restaurant. It is a very popular food hangout for college students especially Furman students as it has a “cool” factor associated with it due to the aesthetics of the restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant is hipstery which appeals to the college students. It is almost customary to post pictures of one’s food on Instagram or click a quick Snap and it has been in trend since the restaurant's Travelers Rest branch opened up.

The brand consists of a bright yellow and black with a san serif font with the body of the most menu with a popular serif like Times New Roman. I tried to find the yellow used in the logo using photoshop and found a font which looks closest to the one used in their menu.

Design and Thoughts

The purpose of this assignment was to understand the visual hierarchy and manage quite a lot of information in a small area. Since college students are one of the main target audiences, who are usually short on time and restless, the menu directly opens up to the “Savory crêpe” (their premium items) page alongside with restaurant moto.