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this blog shows my workflow on current and past projects

shorty-the giraffe — print media

The project was a challenging assignment where we were given three words each by our professor: a food item, one animal, and a color. For me, it was borscht, giraffe, and turquoise. Using these three words, I had to come up with a fourth word which can connect all three. Drawing a mind-map, I ended up with the word “travel”.

Thereafter, we had to come up with a design for anything. I came up with the following design brief for an event planning including giraffe and the concept of travel:

Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) and San Diego Zoo have partnered up to raise awareness about endangered giraffes among kids. Since June 21st is World Giraffe Day, they are organizing the Giraffe Week from June 19th - 25th 2017.

A brochure is to be designed which consists of ticket prices, maps, and other information. Shorty - the Giraffe is the mascot of this event and will be present throughout the zoo in different forms like sign with the logo, people dressed as Shorty etc. Kids are encouraged to take pictures with Shorty and post it on Instagram and Twitter with hashtag mentioned. The brochure also has a finger puppet which can be just torn carefully along the dotted lines. The puppet can also be self-made (D.I.Y.) if turned around. There is a fun fact column which has some fill in the blanks. These can be completed to win a winner's stamp/badge. This will encourage people to read the information displayed in the Giraffe exhibit.

A computer script can also be written which randomly generates spots on the finger puppet giraffe as two giraffes do not have the same spots just like fingerprints of a person.

The paper is simple gloss ledger paper and is inexpensive as it'll be mass produced. It is 100% recyclable.