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my neighbor's voice — branding


My Neighbor’s Voice is a non-profit organization started by Victoria Chance and Mary Anne Inglis in Greenville, South Carolina. The organization organizes dinner over which people talk about political and social issues. They want our class to create a brand identity, help with their website and also design some products which they would use during their dinners. The catch being there is no interjection but people have to listen to one another without talking to anyone. No question and no judgment.

When we met the clients we got a sense of their idea behind their organization. The idea comes from the Christian ideology of “loving your neighbor” and bring the community together. Hearing this reminded me of the Furman Interfaith group which talks about different religious ideology and is open to all.

Tone: serious, joyful and inviting

Target Audience

Our target audience is broadly everyone as claimed by our clients. However, I am skeptical about it. It is skeptical if college students will be interested in this kind of discussion. It seems to be that it will only be appreciated by older people who are more into politics and also have time and patience to devote to this organization and dinners that they have. In order to get students interested it is important for My Neighbor’s Voice to have an online presence which is why I along with one of my classmates, Sam created a social handle all across the social media network to use in future.

This concluded our meeting with them but the challenge that we face is the long name “My Neighbor’s Voice” that the clients want to keep.

Update #1

We have started our research in order to zero down to ideate later. Our class has been divided into three groups and we are looking at competitors, target audience, challenge, possible typography and color schemes etc.

Our team came up with the following research and presented it in slides and mood boards:


My Neighbor's Voice (Victoria and Marianne)

Greenville, SC

The Brief:

To create a template for their playing cards. Victoria and Marianne are both English teachers with a strong devotion to their religion and faith. Both have been keeping up with politics and Marianne, in particular, has been involved in politics. They have started My Neighbor's Voice in order to re-establish a sense of community peace and understanding through dinner conversations among diverse people.

The Challenge:

--Desire to reach out to everyone, but they are starting from a religious position. This may potentially turn away non-religious people.

--The idea is to have a diverse dinner party that will listen to one another.

--The design should look and feel inviting though different people are comfortable with different, sometimes opposing things.

--"My Neighbor's Voice" is a long name for social media.

The Proposition:

Through a meal and conversation, My Neighbor's Voice offers a hospitable experience to listen to and with others as a community of neighbors.

Target Audience:

--People who are interested in civil conversation.

--People who want to be heard by and to listen to others.

--Open-minded activists.

--Citizens concerned about the current state of the country and their local community.

Tone of Voice:

joyful, inviting, but serious


One of the major findings of our group which was different from the others was the research on possible competitors. Mary from our group found out about the Jefferson Dinner which was agreed upon by everyone to be the closest competitor to My Neighbor's Voice. The only difference being it doesn’t have a parent organization governing everything. It is more flexible than My Neighbor's Voice. We also found out about The Family Dinner Project, The Conversation Project and The Dinner Party Project which have similar models. The idea is to see how these organizations work to draw inspirations and get a better idea of how we want our brand to be different or what not to go for while thinking about the branding.

I was in charge of the color scheme and typography. The colors I chose are warm happy colors which show the tone of the organization. The typography I chose is meant to be elegant and clear to read. The class largely liked the lowercase “G” of the fourth font. We are thinking of converting it to a speech bubble.

Update #2

Below are some of the sketches I made for the logo


I have been playing around with the concept of voice, speech and exploring along those lines.

Update #3

We pitched our logos to the clients today and below is the logo I designed which they picked. They liked the idea of it being clean and bold. The idea behind this logo was that it’s simple and easy to read. The “O” and “V” combination serves multiple purposes like an ear, a speech bubble and also a far-fetched check mark which can relate to voting in elections.

Above are some other logos which were presented during the presentation.

I went ahead to refine the idea in a Helvetica type and the final logo can be seen below.


Update #4

I have been working with the clients one-on-one now and have helped designed business cards (below) and I also presented some mockups to them which they loved. The business card is now getting approved and they are in talks with the printer agency for pricing and delivery.