Aneesh Borah


this blog shows my workflow on current and past projects

ahs—logo design

Logo design for Association of Hindu Student at Furman University was one of my earliest job as a freshman.


The organization wanted to have a welcoming logo which would invite not only Hindu students but also non-Hindu students.


The organization wants to educate people on the Hindu culture more than the religion. However being part of Religious Council of the university, it was difficult for them to reach the general public.


In order to make the logo welcoming, I used symbols and iconography related to Hindu festivals and culture rather the religion. I used symbols like rangoli and the diya and avoided symbols like ॐ (om).

The typography is a blend of roman and the Devanagari script (script used to write Sanskrit and several other Indian languages) which helps connect us to the tone of the organization. Since it is a Furman Organization, I used the color Pantone 268 (popularly known as the Furman purple on campus) to add familiarity and instant association to the university.