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Judith Beard collection project is a rebranding project for a lifestyle/cosmetic line based in Atlanta, Georgia. Even if it's a rebranding project, the company doesn't really have much of a brand except a few signature products and a merely functional website. They would like to revamp website along with the rebranding. They also have a Facebook business page.

Even if we're in our brainstorming phase of the project right now as to how to brand this company, we're also debating if we should rename the company as there are clear imagery associated with its name. The problem, however, lies in the fact that there are several trademarks which are associated with the current name.

This project is a tricky one because the current audience of the company is an older demographic of age 50 and above. However, the branding will also be applied to the website which will target the younger demographic.

Following are the information we have regarding the company:

  • Started 2000-2003 by wife Judy to gift her friend who was suffering from cancer some bath salts.
  • Her husband saw this as a business opportunity and continued this.
  • The first major setback was when QVC canceled their order due to packaging issues.
  • By 2003, they had Bath body line called “By the sea” which sold Bath salts and lotions
  • Other lines they started: Georgia Peach, Georgia Vineyard, Palmetto
  • Other products: Lucky Me! (2007), Face it! (2013)
  • The products have been tested dermatologically tested and contain no chemicals

Update #1

Our clients have agreed and are open to the idea of us renaming the company. We are still discussing the several names and have come up with a few.

Many students in our class prefer the name Jubee and J&J. Jubee, as suggested by one of my classmates, sounds sophisticated, elegant and cute whereas some think J&J is short and simple. 

Judith Inc. is my suggestion. I think it'll be a good name since Judith is already associated with the brand and the only reason for us to rename is that the word Bread in Judith Bread is associated with men-care and masculinity which goes astray the brand identity. Judith Bread Collection already has several lines of products which is why I suggested the term Inc. to incorporate all these lines. These lines can further mature as a luxury or affordable lines separate even if the general public might not be very familiar with the parent brand Judith Inc.

Update #2

We have finally all agreed on a name — Jude. Several reasons and argument to pitch to our client suggesting the name change:

  • We all think that Jude is a short and simple name and creates an image of a girl versatile. Jude is not a city girl or a country girl but is both at the same time. She is confident and smart.
  • Jude has grown up using these natural beauty products and would want you to use it too.
  • Jude is also a gender-neutral name. This keeps some possible to opening up a men's line in the future if needed.
  • Jude has been used in organizations like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and popular The Beatle's song, "Hey, Jude", these connections unconsciously create a good feeling about the brand and also the name has a familiarity.
  • It's modern, fresh, bold and sounds young.

Update #3

I along with 3 other members presented an elevator pitch in our class which included different slides on the brief, considerations with some mood boards. Following is the content of the presentation:

Brief, Research and Mood boards


  • To create a brand identity system.
  • To reintroduce as a luxury line.
  • To appeal to a younger audience.
  • All-natural, chemical-free skin care.
  • Husband and wife owned business.
  • Originally started by comforting a friend diagnosed with breast cancer.


  • Lots of competitors in the luxury skincare market
  • Re-introducing a pre-existing brand
  • Organizing a pre-existing brand under a clear direction and system


  • Using all-natural, chemical-free ingredients, The Judith Beard Collections creates skin care products that enhance beauty, defies aging, and comfort weariness.


  • All-natural, chemical-free and dermatologist tested skin care products
  • Basic ingredients used
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Looking to sell in high-end department stores, direct to consumer, and some wholesale relationships
  • It is already carried in the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain
  • They already have multiple wholesale partnerships
  • 3 target sales:
    • anti-aging
    • daily skin care
    • novelty gifts
  • Husband and wife duo who are genuinely looking out for their customers
  • Have yet to fully brand out into social media
  • Their brand must tell a story


  • Logo/brand signature
  • Package: 3 different products
  • 6 to 12 press-ready, staged product photos
  • Standards booklet
  • Web holding page
  • Social media strategies
  • Presentation booklet

Target Audience

  • 18-30 year old women of all races
  • women who are willing to spend money on skin care products
  • people who are looking for all-natural, chemical-free skin care products
  • women with sensitive skin

Keeping in mind the following tone, we created a few mood boards:

  • Friendship 
  • Care 
  • Beauty 
  • Natural 
  • Warming 
  • Luxury

All the members of the team worked on different mood boards. Depending on the possible competitors, tone and packing inspirations, I created the color scheme and the typography.

For the color scheme, I choose turquoise, gold, black, and peach. White will be the base of any of this which is why I didn't mention it in the mood board. It seems comfortable to associate a luxury brand with Black and White. It is timeless, sleek and bold. Turquoise, gold, and peach can be used in the packing of the different lines, For example, turquoise can be used in the bath line since there is a direct connection with water. These colors would work great both in gloss and matte finish.

For the typography mood board, I include only san serif after a lot of consideration. Serif gives an old classic feel which we were not going for, especially after all the reasons for which we picked up the name Jude. I do think script or handwritten typography would be a great second option which is why I included some but I strongly feel that san serif is the type to go with (at least for now).

Update #4

Following are some typography ideas and logo ideations. We decided to create some logos based on the French bee which Judith liked and since some of her ingredients are have money in them.

Update #5

Judith came to visit us today and gave us some more insight. She likes the idea of us using black and white primary for the brand which gives it a premium luxury feel. We have been working on finalizing the logo and had come up with the following

However, I felt like the "U" grabbed the viewers attention more and suggested that we equally weigh in all the letters and came up with the following with the tagline.

As you can see we also changed the Bee and centered it to go more with the feel. We also kept the name "Judith Bread" in the tagline which the clients wanted in the very beginning.

Update #6

With Alex's help, Mary, Addison I did a photoshoot of the products and some flowers which supports the aesthetics of the line of products. These will be used on the website and the presentation later.

Update #7

We have finally divided out our work for our presentation and I'll be working primarily on the website and also worked on the photoshoot which I mentioned above. The packaging is been worked on by JD, Mary, Christina, and Carsyn. Others jobs are as following (pictured). We also wrote down everything we know about Jude so that it makes us on track. We also renamed the product lines to fit the rebranding that we have done.

Update #8

Finally, we pitched the everything we have worked on to Judith and Charlie. Addison, Carsyn, Mary, JD, Anna and I were presenting it to them. I was presenting the mockup website with Anna and seemed like the clients loved it even if we never got one-on-one feedback. Below are the slides that we presented.

The slides above shows the product shoot that I did with Alex whereas one of them (the boxes) were shot quickly the night before the presentation by JD which is why there is a difference in the quality of the photos. We also made print ads which can be seen in the slide which use the photos we took with Alex.

Even though it seemed like the clients loved our presentation, it'd have been really nice to know what they did not like about our work. Hopefully, we'll hear from them in the future.